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Wormx is a leading Cloud Hosting provider backed with expertise in IT, Data and Telecomunications

Who Are Wormx?

We are a multi-hosting platform for personal and business users.

Wormx has been built around its core key principal of customer service, always putting the customers’ welfare first in any key decisions.

Since its launch Wormx has now grown to be a significant player in the UK hosting market operating multiple racks within our partners UK, USA and Europe data centres to over 1000 clients. Wormx currently offer some of the most competitively priced web and server hosting in the UK and beyond.

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The Wormx Culture

Our dedicated customer service team and outstanding record of customer care make us the best choice for businesses looking for customizable solutions with a personal touch. We offer the most outstanding infrastructure in the hosting industry, supported by our top-notch support, technical, and admin staff. Everyone from our support technicians to our systems engineers plays an integral role in providing customers with professional, reliable, and courteous service.

The Wormx infrastructure includes multiple Expedient data centers connected by long haul fiber optic rings. Our extensive array of partners gives us the ability to provide customizable solutions for highly specific business needs. Combine these attributes with our diverse hosting automation solutions and you will see the benefit of working with a true leader in the industry.

Our products offer simple scalability, to easily tailor your solution to the size of your company.

We love working with our clients

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What Clients Think

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