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Comdo ssl
thawte ssl
GeoTrust ssl

Each brand of SSL is known as a Certificate Authority (CA). A CA is an organization that is trusted to sign digital certificates. It also verifies the identity and legitimacy of the company or individual requesting a certificate and, if the verification is successful, issues the signed certificate.

DV SSL Validation

Domain Validation (DV)

OV SSL Validation

Organisation Validation (OV)

EV SSL validation

Extended Validation (EV)

Validation is a key SSL feature. We’ll help you learn about the different levels of validation and how to tell them apart.

single domain ssl

Single Domain SSL

wildcard ssl

Wildcard SSL

multi domain ssl

Multi-Domain SSL

Single domain SSLs only allow one unique domain or subdomain to be secured, wildcard SSLs allow multiple subdomains to be secured under one unique domain, and multi-domain SSLs allow multiple unique domains and subdomains to be secured with a single certificate.

What’s Included?

Each server we create is custom made and designed specifically to order. Prices range from the super cheap to the not-so cheap, it completely depends on what you are looking to create. Servers are paid for on a monthly rental basis. Included in the cost will be automatic snapshots and backups of your server and data, licensing, maintenance and support for the server itself.requirements may be, we’ll be able to create the perfect server for you.

Why a Dedicated Server

Sometimes it’s not really practical to purchase a server for your office, smaller businesses may not have the physical space or perhaps the cost for maintaining a server is not quite within budget. You may need simple or complex file sharing; a specific hosted database or a private cloud. Perhaps you have sensitive data that you’re worried about using with public offerings.